Unbreakable! Megan’s story of overcoming abuse and becoming her strongest self!

Name: Megan “Megs” Fritz
Favorite Workout song: The Greatest – Sia
Favorite motivational quote: “I’m thankful for my struggle because without it I wouldn’t have found my strength.” & “With brave wings she flies.”
Instagram: @mlfritz101
My fitness journey has been a lifelong journey.  I played softball since i was 7 all the way through high school and was well on my way to a full scholarship.  I loved the feeling of being powerful and strong, a feeling like i could do anything i set my mind to.  That feeling and my life changed my junior year when i fell into an abusive relationship.  I would skip softball practice which would eventually lead to me quitting my senior year.  This boy was abusive, both emotionally and physically, he would hit me, choke me and belittle me to the point i felt powerless and wanted to end my life. I wouldn’t eat for days or I would binge until I made myself sick.  This is about the time my anxiety reared its ugly head.  I would have panic attacks that would land me in the hospital because I couldn’t breathe.  I finally escaped the relationship after 4 years of abuse, but the scars, physical and emotional, were still there.  I began to move on with my life and in doing that I met my husband who helped save my life.  He is such a patient and amazing man who helped me realize I deserved better and was patient with me while overcoming the fear that had a hold on me.  Now, after being married for 5 years have two amazing children together.
Sometime after our youngest was born, I was at the highest weight I had ever been, 210 pounds.  The baby weight, stress eating and anxiety had taken its toll on my body.  I knew I had to do something.  I knew this wasn’t the person I wanted to be and I wanted to be happier and healthier, not only that, I wanted to be stronger and powerful again.  I began doing at home programs and eventually joined Golds Gym and hired a personal trainer who put me on the right path to start the next chapter of my journey.  Around this time i realized I was still holding onto fear from so many years ago, so I channeled that fear to make myself stronger, to build myself up so no-one could ever tear me down like that ever again.  I turned to YouTube and Instagram to learn as much as I possibly could, in doing this I found my amazing coach Caryn who has helped me in so many ways other than just fitness.  To this day I   look at my journey and realize everything happens for a reason and there is always a bigger plan than what we realize.  If it wasn’t for my past I wouldn’t have realized that fitness is my true passion.  I also realized that not everyone is like-minded and will understand my passion, but this why its MY passion.  I love helping others and spreading positivity and a smile.  Just think, smiling at someone could change their whole day and that is a beautiful thing in my opinion.
I’m currently training in hopes of competing in my first bikini completion in 2017 or 2018 and have future plans to become a personal trainer once my son starts Kindergarten.  I also have my anxiety and my eating under control, with the exception of a Taco Bell trip every so often (haha) I hope for anyone reading this that you never give up.  No matter how hard or how scary things may seem theres always hope and you just have to hold onto that and one day without you even realizing it that the hard time has passed and you’re a stronger person because of it.