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Caryn is a born and raised Chicago girl now residing in Los Angeles, California. She is Online Health and Fitness Coach to women all over the globe! Caryn is also an IFBB Bikini Pro and is a sponsored athlete by Bodybuilding.com.
Caryn grew up as a competitive gymnast and cheerleader and with health conscious parents who always made sure she was making healthy choices when it came to the food she ate. When she went off to college, she admits to putting health and fitness on the backburner. She put on some weight her first year in college and began struggling with some pretty serious body image issues. She felt that that the control she had over her body had slipped away right from under her. This propelled her into some extreme dieting, which ultimately brought her weight down to some pretty unhealthy lows.

She wasn’t aware at the time that short-term “dieting” does not work- lifestyle changes do. It was shortly after she finished graduate school for Psychology that she was introduced to fitness at the competitive level. She decided it was time to take her love for training to the next level and began prepping for her first fitness competition. Throughout this process, she began to learn to look at food as fuel and fell in love with the science of nutrition and training, and the importance of proper supplementation. She loved the way that fueling her body properly made me feel and developed a passion for taking care of herself: mind, body, and sprit. Caryn whole-heartedly believes that fitness saved her life.

After working for several years as a School Psychologist, Caryn decided to take a risk and follow her passion to pursue a career in fitness full-time. Even as a Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist, Caryn still uses her background in psychology to encourage the clients she works with to achieve health, balance, and happiness not only physically, but mentally and emotionally, as well through Lifestyle Coaching. Caryn offers services such and diet and exercise coaching, competition prep, and, lifestyle coaching to men and women all over the globe!

Caryn’s ultimate passion is to motivate, teach, and uplift others to achieve optimal health, happiness, and well-being.



She is a certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist. Caryn is also an IFBB Bikini Pro and is a sponsored athlete by Bodybuilding.com. Caryn is also a certified Psychologist. She received her Undergraduate degree from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and her Graduate degree from the Chicago School of Psychology.


Psychologist,  Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist.

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