Catalina W.

“Ever since I started my fitness journey back in 2010, its been a roller coaster of up and down weight changes through two competitions, the latter of the two I prepped myself for. Knowing that I wanted to step on stage with the mindset of winning and that I wanted a professional and experienced mind to help me prep for it, I went looking for a coach. I found Caryn after searching through many competitive trainers and coaches on Instagram. It was just something about her image and personality that caught my eye. After we exchanged information and got everything nailed down, we set our eyes on the show ahead. I can honestly say I’ve never looked as good or felt as strong and confident as I did with her coaching me. Every time I checked in, she was always reassuring and made whatever small necessary tweaks that I needed.

Even as the days crept closer to the show, she was always only a text away. As the day passed for my show, I would overhear some of the conversations about girls’ prep and what they
had to do and couldn’t eat. It made me think back to all the things that were so different during my prep. I wasn’t starving ever, actually some days I was so full I barely ate all of my food. I never had to eat ONLY a certain food for a certain macro, I was always given options and choices for my meals. A very difficult thing to do is stick with a diet or regimen that you absolutely cannot stand or get bored of easily. The same goes for my workouts, I was given an updated plan regularly. I wasn’t doing the same thing for 16 weeks. Another thing that greatly helped is that I simply enjoy lifting. I love going to the gym and lifting heavy ass weights.

If you do something you enjoy, you’re going to excel at it. And I can tell that Caryn purely enjoys this lifestyle and that’s a big reason why I look up to her and trust her.

Caryn is such a motivational person in more than just fitness, though. Her words and thoughts and character can be seen through how she approaches life. Between her captions and pictures on Instagram, to an insight on her daily life on Snapchat, to the personal things she’s said and done for me, I have become a better person, a better woman, and of course a better athlete. Shes put up with my crazy military life and schedule and through everything, she is still there for me. I couldn’t ask for a better coach and friend. As of now, we are building a better package for me to step back on stage sometime in the late summer/fall. Seeing how she molded me for my very first NPC bikini show, I can only imagine how I will look when I step on stage for figure this time around.”

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Bricela M

“Working with Caryn had been a joyful learning experience. I learned important workout ethics to what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle. She was more than just a trainer. A very helpful individual, whom genuinely wanted to watch you succeed in your fitness journey. Whether it was gracing the stage to simply wanting to improve your health & eating habits. For that I’m thankful & very pleased with my transformation.”


Stephanie O.

“I decided to start working with Caryn when I finally realized I needed to make an achievable goal for myself. I came to her explaining my struggles with my body and the goals I had in mind. With no hesitation at all, Caryn took me on as a client even though I was a busy, young college student. Something I found so great was her motivational, encouraging words after every update email. I always look forward to them! She has continued to alter and adjust my plan as I’ve progressed. I can see such amazing changes in my body, that aren’t temporary changes but lifelong changes. Her approach makes this lifestyle fun, and not at all miserable. I love the workouts she gives me, and I can definitely see the results. I’m so excited to continue my journey with Caryn and I would recommend her to anyone looking to take on fitness or any nutritional goals!”


Lexi T.

“The overall feeling I have is out of this world. I feel so healthy. I noticed so much of my upper body becoming more defined and my stomach looking more toned and not just blah. My skin feels better, I sleep better, I wake up feeling rested and have energy and motivation.

I can’t thank you enough for all the support you’ve give me and guidance. I am definitely on the right track and can finally begin to see my goals in sight. My attitude this week has completely changed. I’ve gone from wanting to do things to being able to do them.

My confidence has gone way up and I finally feel capable of achieving the things I’ve dreamed.”


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